The tendency towards a healthier lifestyle is affecting the method of preserving skin care products. Personal Care companies are searching for natural preservative solutions. The definition of “natural” is sometimes unclear and not regulated. Natural preservatives do not always meet the demands of manufacturers, for reasons such as compatibility, cost, or availability. When it comes to broad spectrum protection, many natural preservative solutions are less effective and a higher level of use is required. Sharon Laboratories is proud to introduce a series of innovative natural preservative solutions, based on our extensive R&D knowledge and without compromising on product efficacy.

SharoSENSE™ Plus Natural


SharoSENSE™ Plus Natural properties bring great value to the ever-growing demand for safer preservative solutions, using less preservatives, while gaining better protection, at a wide pH range.



For those seeking natural/organic antibacterial protection for cosmetic products, a combination of certified organic citrus extracts with certified organic vegetable glycerin. Contains active bioflavonoids for preservation and antimicrobial activities.


Sharon™ Biomix

Sharon™ Biomix line is an alternative preservative solution for green and natural formulations based on Biosecur®. It is water soluble, heat stable, working in a wide pH range


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