It allows the realization of emulsions of appreciable W/O cosmetic grade, shiny and creamy, light and easily.
Absorbed and with a smooth feel and they allow the incorporation of all kind of oil, even of high polarity. The gelling activity of the watery phase can be obtained with this emulsifier that is able to form an organized reticular structure, and allows to substitute waxy substances not more in tuning with the modern conception of the W/O emulsions, which is preferred to be fresh and light, not impacted, smooth and easy to spread.

It is a new generation emulsifier. Originates in raw vegetables, OE free, it is able to emulsify oils and fats of different polarity and viscosity, Even if present in high percentage.
Beautyderm HP is to be included in emulsions with very wide range of viscosity, from fluid milk sludge very solid cream, varying only the composition of the fat phase.
It plays a strong moisturizing action, thanks to the presence of sodium lauroyl glutamate, which because of the action of skin enzymes (Protease), gives rise to one of the ingredients naturally present in the NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor) through the skin, Sodium PCA.
A further high quality of this emulsifier is the ability to form emulsions with very small droplets with a liquid-crystalline structure obtained in this way an extraordinary stability of the emulsion itself. Operation is simple, it is possible to work in one single step by mixing the principal oil and water, heating in a single container and upsetting in a vacuum.
Does not require the use of any rheological additive.
Of natural origin, excellent emulsifying power, easy to use, strong moisturizing properties, biodegradable.

It is a new generation cold- process emulsifier. It derives from skin compatible raw materials of natural origin: olive oil, castor oil and vegetable glycerin. Because it is a liquid emulsifier, an O/W emulsion with emollient and softening activity is easily produced by agitation alone. Beautyderm WW is ideal for all type of application where heating is not required.

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