Color Cosmetics

The color cosmetics industry is growing and evolving. Product range is expanding as well as the choice of ingredients used to create them, from new pigments to natural raw materials.


It is a common misperception to assume such products do not require preservation, due to low or no water content. However, when you consider product safety, as well as consumer usage patterns, it becomes clear that adequate preservation is a necessity. Lip-gloss brush can become contaminated, cap area of a mascara is exposed to microbial issue, and more scenarios emerge, as we dive into the many aspects of color cosmetics.
As color cosmetics are applied to sensitive facial areas – lips and around the eyes, it is critical to choose a clinically tested preservative, which provides sufficient protection at a very low level of use.

Review product offering by Sharon Laboratories to find the best solution for your application of Dry/Powder cosmetics:

SharoSENSE™ Plus – Natural like high efficacy solution, in s powder form, clinically tested and for sensitive skin, lips and eye area.

Sharomix™ AM24 – Liquid solution, clinically tested and for sensitive skin, lips, and eye area.

Sharon Labs

Color cosmetics in powder form can benefit from a powdered preservative, This eye shadow is preserved with SharoSENSE™ Plus, high efficacy solution, inspired by nature and tested for ocular area.

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Consumers today are becoming more aware of ingredients used in cosmetic products and their effect on skin health. This awareness is even more crucial to people suffering from sensitive skin conditions.

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SharoSENSE™ Plus is a bridge between synthetic and natural, bringing the best from nature with the safety, quality and consistency of a lab.

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