SCC 75 The Annual Scientific Meeting & Showcase

The Society’s Annual Meeting is the premier conference for cosmetic science education. This year, featuring lectures covering the latest research and innovation in: Diversity in Beauty; New Discoveries in CBDs and Microbiome; Skincare at the Forefront.

It is a great honor to participate in session H: Advanced in Natural, Cleaner and Milder formulation Techniques.  Mr. Paul Salama, Ph.D, Eng, Sharon Laboratories CTO & Head of innovation will share key findings from our research.

Topic: Qualitative and Quantitativeinteractions of Cationic surfactants with Cosmetic Anionic Ingredients.

Wednesday, December 15, 02:50 PM-03:10 PM, Session H, 2nd Floor Empire Ballroom, Sheraton, New York, USA.

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