Noa Amitai

At Sharon Laboratories every person is key to our success, we’re committed to operational excellence, great employee experience and to safeguarding their health and safety at work.

Limor S. Ben-Asher

To stay ahead of market demands, we are developing not only our core capabilities but also reaching out to our industry partners and network. I believe connecting and collaborating with top experts in the personal care field, will lead us to form strategic alliances, and partners that will dare to dream of a sustainable world with us.

Naama Eylon

Balancing customer demands, ever-changing regulatory barriers and consumer trends is not an easy task. Yet this is the challenge we have taken upon ourselves. We take pride in helping our customer find the best solution for their needs, delivering innovative answers to real industry problems with strong technical expertise and a personal touch.

Amir Ben-Refael

Our mission and responsibility is to make sure that all our operational procedures run smoothly on an everyday basis, manufacturing under the most strict quality and safety standards, and implementing green chemistry. We are committed to operational excellence and great employee experience that guarantees continuoues improvements and customer satisfaction. We respect our environment, introducing high standards in manufacturing and we believe in setting a personal example by minimalizing our environmental impact.

Amir Endvelt

Our core corporate belief is that aggressiveness does not lead to long term positive business outcomes. Our DNA is all about being fair in business across the board – fair payment terms for our suppliers, advance payment to employees in need, report transparency for shareholders and the banking system, and flexibility in payment terms for clients. The company’s board of directors and business partners continuously trust management’s intentions and what our team brings to the table. When the company needs help, those who work for and with it are always happy to give back

Dr. Paul Salama, Ph.D., Eng.

In an ever changing market filled with restrictions, developing new compounds from scratch means a lengthy, expensive regulation process. The magic is in finding innovative ways to leverage compounds that already exist, in science and in nature. We conduct deep research and go through many clinical tests involving human, not animal, subjects. Our main responsibility is to our clients, keeping costs down whilst not compromising on excellency and quality. Knowing the impact our work has on the market, makes this an exciting journey for our team

Ari Melamud

Sharon Laboratories created a strong foundation for expedited growth, building on over 40 years of leading the personal care preservative industry. We focus on organic growth: High investment in R&D as we transition from classic preservatives to advanced, premium, environmentally friendly solutions, and registering new patents. As our abilities to provide specialty solutions in the preservation field expand, Sharon Laboratories will keep growing into new segments.

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