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Consumers today are becoming more aware of ingredients used in cosmetic products and their effect on skin health. This awareness is even more crucial to people suffering from sensitive skin conditions. In the past claims such as “hypoallergenic” or “safe for sensitive skin” were commonly used, but today thanks to legislation and regulations, such claims cannot be stated without proofs and tests.

Eurofins – Dermscan, a leading international group of laboratories are sharing important information about skin irritation testing methods.

“The most common test for skin irritation is a 24-48 hour in vivo patch test done on 20 to 30 volunteers with sensitive skin. The patch test valuates the irritation potential after a single application of the product, this method can be performed only after eliminating from the product ingredients that are considered as allergens.”

“In vitro tests using reconstituted human epidermis model are used in lip and eye irritation tests. Overall, we see substantial growth in skin irritation tests requests, from different markets such as US, Europe and Asia, due to changes in legislation and the marketers need to proof the safety of the product and marketing claims. We also see a growing demand for safety tests done by manufacturers of raw materials.” Says Julien GRAS, Eurofins-Dermscan’s export manager.

Sharon Laboratories, newest product lines Sharomix™ Amplify and SharoSENSE™ Plus were put to the test and found safe when applied on sensitive skin as well as facial areas: eyes and lips.

Sharon Laboratories challenges the common perceptions and ingredients used today in the personal care industry. We create advanced, novel solutions, filling the gap between chemical and natural. We deliver clinically tested preservative solutions, and support our customers in formulating better and safer products.

Written by, Mrs.Tali Cohen – Marketing Manager

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