Protecting cosmetic formulations with Citrus Power

In the last few years it is quite evident that the world is moving towards a healthier way of living. In the past, natural and organic cosmetic products were considered a trend, but nowadays they can be easily found in chain stores and online. Consumers are learning to ask questions and to read labels. They are actively looking for natural sourced ingredients in their skin care products.

Biosecur® Organic Antimicrobial 

Cosmetic formulators are constantly searching for innovative ingredients that will answer the need for healthier products. For those seeking antimicrobial protection without using common synthetic preservatives, the answer can be found in Biosecur® – 100% natural antimicrobial solution made with natural organic citrus extracts. Biosecur® is a certified organic preservative against gram+ and gram- bacteria, chemical-free, non-toxic, globally approved and Eco Cert and USDA Organic certified.

The power of Citrus Polyphenols and Bio-Flavonoids

Biosecur® contains Polyphenols and Bioflavonoids. Polyphenols are found in nature, functioning as protection to the plants against microorganism. Polyphenols are divided into several groups, one of which is represented by flavonoids. Flavonoids were shown to display antibacterial and anti-oxidant activity. Their polyphenolic features are responsible for these properties. Flavonoids are found in berries, black tea and Citrus fruits species such as tangerine and sweet and bitter orange. The positive Effects of flavonoids are well known in the food and in the health sectors and there are many discussions about the positive Effects on the human health. In personal care the studies show the ability of flavonoids to complex with extracellular and soluble proteins and to damage bacterial cell walls giving an excellent antimicrobial protection against bacteria.

Sharon™ Biomix Line

Sharon™ Biomix line is an alternative preservative solution for green and natural formulations based on Biosecur® in cooperation with the Biosecur® company. The range is ideal for leave-on and Rinse-off products. It is water soluble, heat stable, working in a wide pH range, with recommended level of use of less than 1%. The Sharon™ Biomix line gives personal care and cosmetic products a broad-spectrum protection against bacteria, mold and yeast.

J-Beauty meets natural preservation

Japan is one of the world’s largest markets for cosmetics and personal care. Wellness and health are rooted in the Japanese culture and Japanese products are known for their high-quality. Botanical Factory is in Minamiosumi, a town at the southern point of the Japanese archipelago, a region of many subtropical plants. Their cosmetic brand “BOTANICANON” is 100% natural, alcohol-free, and “original agricultural product”. They create “edible-like” cosmetic and wish to avoid ingredients that the consumer might misunderstand, or doubt and their biggest issue was prolonging the shelf life of the products. Botanical Factory chose Biosecur® 100% natural preservative solution as a sole preservative solution in their brand “BOTANICANON” because it is 100% natural, odorless and can suite a wide array of cosmetic applications.


Written by Ms. Tali Cohen, Marketing Manager

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