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Meet the Brand: Promise Cosmetics

Promise-Cosmetics creates clean and fun beauty products with light textures and nourishing ingredients.

We met Asaf Dekel, the owner of promise-cosmetics to learn more about this promising brand. Asaf comes from a long family tradition of cosmetic manufacturing. As a youngster, he spent hours and hours in his father’s cosmetic factory, and it was only a matter of time for him to start his own cosmetic brand.

He built his brand with a vision to help high-risk teens. Profits from product sales go towards building youth clubs, providing them with much-needed support, care, and positive role modeling.

“This is exactly what inspired me to choose the brand name Promise”, said Asaf, “It is a promise to our customers to bring the highest quality ingredients and a promise to give back to the community”. As a cosmetic brand, the focus is on innovation & fun textures, providing a more enjoyable and exciting experience to the customers’ skin routine while answering their top skincare concerns. We first launched the LIQUICK mud mask which quickly became a great success, followed by a cleansing foam having great product reviews on its texture and nice, sweet scent.”

How do you select which preservative to include in your formulations?

When selecting a preservative, we always look for low-level MIC (Minimum inhibitory concentration) values and for multifunctional synergistic components. The preservative system should be compatible with the antioxidant as well as with the chelating agent.  It should protect both phases, the oily phase, and the aqueous phase, as well as be able to dissolve easily and evenly inside the formula.

Why did you choose to use SharoSENSE™ Plus in your products?

We decided to use SharoSENSE™ Plus in our products because it is an effective preservative platform that allows us to use fewer preservatives while fully protecting the formula. We also appreciated the fact it is phenoxyethanol-free and found safe for the eye and lips area.

What would you say to other businesses searching to replace their existing preservative system?

In our opinion a formulation should be inspired by nature and should not compromise on efficacy and high quality, bringing value to the formula as well as full protection. Therefore, a solution that takes the idea of similar-to-nature can be the right choice for a formulator trying to create formulas that are aligned with today’s relevant trends.

SharoSENSE™ Plus is a similar-to-nature preservation system platform. Delivering high efficacy broad-spectrum protection at a low level of use. For more information (link)

Written by: Tali Cohen, Marketing Manager

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