J-Beauty meets natural preservation

Japan is one of the world’s largest markets for cosmetics and personal care. Wellness and health are rooted in the Japanese culture and Japanese products are known for their high-quality. Consumers worldwide are attracted to Japanese beauty products and according to the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan, Japanese cosmetics sales exceeded 1.6 trillion yen in 2017.

Botanical – beauty products from nature

Botanical Factory located in Minamiosumi, a town at the southern point of the Japanese archipelago, a region of many subtropical plants. Botanical built a plant for the production of Japan’s first cosmetics of its kind. Growing Shell ginger, holy basil, and other herbs with the support of local farmers under contract, the plant extracts the essences of the natural components and produces them into cosmetics. The finished products are entirely free of surfactants, synthetic colorants, fragrances, and alcohol. Even the detergent soaps used are made from highly biodegradable soap, with the goal of producing a line of products that is both eco and human-friendly.

Botanical Factory chose to work with BIOSECUR® natural preservative solution to preserve their innovative product line BOTANICANON. We interviewed Botanical Factory CEO Mr. Yasuyuki Kuroki to learn more about their products and challenges in processing the formulations.

Can you mention a few challenges you are facing in the Japanese Cosmetic Market?

The brand BOTANICANON is 100% natural, alcohol-free, and “original agricultural product”. We try to create “edible-like” cosmetics and we wish to avoid ingredients that the consumer might misunderstand or doubt. Our biggest issue is prolonging the shelf life of the products, we try to achieve the best, and share information with our customers.

Why did you choose to use BIOSECUR® in your products?

BIOSECUR® is 100% natural, it is odorless and can suit a wide array of cosmetic applications. Sharon Laboratories is an expert in preservation and has lots of knowledge, so we can trust BIOSECUR® as an ingredient in our products.

What have you learned from this process?

We are located in a very humid surrounding, so our biggest challenge is to avoid mold. We learned that the level of completion of the BIOSECUR® is very high, so we are very satisfied.

What would you say to other businesses facing the same challenges as you did?

I highly recommend BIOSECUR® because it is 100% natural and our products couldn’t be completed without BIOSECUR®. In my 24 years of experience as cosmetic formulator I always found the process of preservation of cosmetic products problematic. In the last 13 years I’m focused on developing natural cosmetics and i was able to solve this problem using the BIOSECUR®. We believe that cosmetics should be deeply connected to the world of agriculture, food and wellness. We are very proud of being able to revitalize our village and to contribute to our hometown. Botanical Factory is nowadays looking for partners to distribute their unique products to countries outside of Asia.

Written by, Mrs. Tali Cohen – Marketing Manager

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