Newsletter March 2019

Challenging-to-preserve cosmetic formulations

The world is moving towards a greener way of living and this changes the method of preserving cosmetic products. To choose the best preservative system becomes a challenge to the formulator, who needs to take into account marketing trends, complex ingredients from nature and industry regulations. In this newsletter we will highlight innovative solutions which will be presented at the in-cosmetics global show in Paris. We will share Sharon Laboratories formulation guide, designed to assist formulators in choosing the best preservative solution. We encourage you to meet our experts at the show and join us at Sharon Laboratories technical seminar, open to all participants. See you there!

Innovative solutions for challenging-to-preserve formulations

This year at in-cosmetic global we will address tough-to-preserve products. Natural skin care formulations, enriched with minerals, mud and clay, are one example we will share. This popular segment is struggling with preservation due to the microbial risk originating from the natural material itself. Another challenge are Sunscreen products, which are a different microbial battlefield due to specific composition and features. We will address the complex needs of such applications through a range of advanced green preservative solutions, focusing on the mechanism of action, enhanced efficacy and compatibility.

Formulation Guide

This on-line applicative guide was created to assist formulators in choosing the best preservative system, and share new technical solutions aiming to improve stability and compatibility with enhanced efficacy. This guide is based on an in-depth knowledge of chemistry and a deep understanding of the customer’s needs.

To download Sharon Laboratories 2019 Formulation Guide

Sharon Laboratories Technical Seminar at in-cosmetics global 2019

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