Newsletter July 2018

From Nature to Science: In the past year we focused on innovative preservative solutions for personal care, and were thrilled to receive wonderful feedback from Formulators, Microbiologist and R&D teams. In this newsletter we will highlight interesting features of the SharoSENSE™ Plus line and introduce a unique Japanese brand BOTANICANON using BIOSECUR® – natural preservative solution.

Food ingredients in Cosmetics Formulations

In the last few years it is quite evident that the world is moving towards a healthier way of living. In the past, natural and organic foods were considered a trend, but nowadays they can be easily found in supermarkets, chain stores and online. People today are more aware of the food they are consuming and try to avoid artificial and processed food. The same is proving true for cosmetic products. Continue Reading…

J-Beauty meets natural preservation

Botanical Factory chose to work with BIOSECUR® 100% natural preservative solution to preserve their innovative product line BOTANICANON
We interviewed Botanical Factory CEO Mr. Yasuyuki Kuroki to learn more about their products and challenges in processing the formulations. Continue Reading…

Linking anionic formulation with cationic compound

In the development process of new cosmetics product, the formulator chooses different kind of molecules to assemble the formula considering functionality, compatibility and activity. Surfactants are a key component in rinse-off cleansers, the most commonly used are anionic surfactants. Continue Reading…

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