Newsletter April 2020

FACE FORWARD – preservation for sensitive skin

Skin irritation due to ingredients in cosmetic products is quite common, even components that are considered “clean” and “natural” can be misleading.In this newsletter, we look at factors causing skin sensitivity and review the challenges formulators face when preserving products for sensitive skin. A special addition: an interview with Eurofins Dermscan, introducing the different types of lab test done today to ensure the safety of the products. We encourage you to contact our experts, to learn more and to choose together the best preservative solution for your sensitive skin formulations.

Sensitive Skin On the Rise

Sensitive skin is a syndrome defined by the occurrence of unpleasant sensations in response to stimuli that should not provoke such sensations. The symptoms can include a combination of stinging, itching, burning and tingling sensations.Continue Reading…

Preservation in Sensitive Skin
The market for sensitive skin products is on the rise, as well as the challenge that formulators have when preserving these products. Popular alternatives to classic preservatives are often too mild and at high concentrations pose a problem to sensitive skin. Continue Reading…
Skin Irritation tests – Tendencies and Methods Industry
Consumers today are becoming more aware of the ingredients used in cosmetic products and their effect on skin health. This awareness is even more crucial to people suffering from sensitive skin conditions.  Continue Reading
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