What the “Cosmetics of happiness” is based on?

It has always been said that external beauty is a reflection of our inner well-being and that when we feel good, we see ourselves better. In this sense, neurocosmetics, also known as the cosmetics of happiness, achieve an important goal. Neurocosmetics bring together specific products that can connect the senses with the central nervous system and, from there, effectively fight skin imperfections and improve our mood.

Skin and Psyche, Mind and Skin are inextricably connected to each other starting from their common origin: both derive in fact, from the same embryonic sheet: the ectoderm .

For this reason, the skin has been defined as the “inverted part of the nervous system”. There is no doubt about the close relationship between the skin and the nervous system: this is not surprising; the brain and the skin develop in the fetus.

Neuroscience studies are also used to enhance communication between the nervous system and the skin. As we age, the skin’s ability to respond to stimuli worsens. These studies focus on the presence in the skin of olfactory and gustatory receptors on which to leverage. For this reason, products that have important effects on the nervous system can have great potential following the tendency to take care of oneself in a global way and not only of the symptom on the skin.

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Neurocosmetics are formulated with active ingredients that have structural similarities with endogenous neuromediators (substances produced by our body), involved in the regulation of the main skin functions, whose action they mimic by binding to the receptors present on the skin cells in order to improve their appearance and treat blemishes.

The neurocosmetic created following these principles becomes a product capable of communicating with the skin-brain system, also inducing specific sensations (such as pleasure and well-being), through the interaction with the receptors present on the skin cells, as well as playing the fundamental role of contributing to skin health.

Neurocosmetic, through the results of neuroscience studies, tries to understand how it is possible to unlock certain emotions through the use of a cosmetic product. In the latest generation of night creams, we have tried to insert substances capable of improving the quality of sleep and, consequently the mood upon awakening the following morning.

The active ingredients used by neurocosmetics have the main characteristic of stimulating the production of dopamine and serotonin and, therefore, a good mood. These are mostly ingredients of vegetable origin which penetrating into the skin make it more beautiful and give sensations of pleasure.

Among the main ingredients indicated in the development of a neurocosmetics project, there are essential oils, with great transcutaneous diffusibility and incredible diffusive power.


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