Making an impact – Collaborate and contribute.

How many times have you heard the problem mentioned by young graduates looking to enter the professional arena – “workplaces want experience, but how are we supposed to gain it, if we can’t get the first job?”

As part of Sharon Laboratories’ vision to have a positive impact on society and community, over the years we have been involved in several projects, aiming to expose new candidates to the chemical and the personal care sector, and gain valuable experience.

Below we are happy to share a few endeavors with higher education institutions in Israel in the fields of Chemical Engineering as well as Marketing & Business Administration from the past year:

Collaboration with Shenkar College – Dermatology and Cosmetic Chemistry Course

Through the Chemical Engineering department at Shenkar College graduates learn the skills required for developing and transferring a product from the laboratory to a semi-industrial facility and onto manufacturing and marketing. This would be impossible to learn properly without the participation of someone from the industry. In the last years delegates from Sharon labs have lectured Shankar’s students about the complex and important world of preservatives, as part of the dermatology and cosmetic chemistry course.

This year the collaboration was broadened with a final project for 4th year students which was done at Sharon lab’s innovation department. Through a systematic study, the students were pivotal in the development of a technology that can qualitatively and quantitatively predict interactions of certain compounds and Sharon’s preservatives in a formula.

This exciting collaboration gave the students the opportunity to be part of an interesting study, learn about the industry and to conduct experiments with relevant applications for the cosmetic market. Students, university staff as well as Sharon’s innovation group regarded this collaboration as highly valuable.

Collaboration with IDC Herzliya – Arison School of Business – Marketing Project Seminar

Sharon Laboratories and the IDC Herzliya – Arison School of Business have been collaborating during this semester with third-year International Marketing BA Program students in a Marketing Project Seminar.

A group of 4 talented students with different cultural backgrounds and nationalities have met with Sharon Laboratories and have been exposed to a specific and real industry project that will give them the opportunity to integrate and apply the knowledge from the different marketing courses to a practical project. In addition, students will develop presentation skills and experience the actual work process in cooperation with a real-world firm. The project focuses on a preservative market opportunity in a specific and growing subcategory in the personal care industry.

Collaborating for a better future

Sharon Laboratories is happy to take part in such collaborations as it gives back to the community by strengthening the national higher education institutions and linking students to companies.

Students typically bring limited work experience and limited exposure to the real world before graduating from university, but programs like these expose them to the industry and help them accumulate significant and meaningful experiences when graduating.

By running these collaborations Sharon Laboratories at the same time has gained fresh ideas and significant contributions that are being used by the company.

It’s a win-win for all.

Written by Israel Weisser, Regional Sales Manager

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