All we can say is WOW!

Highlights from World of Wipes, Atlanta, July 2021

The event was one of the first in-person conferences since the start of Covid 19, with over 400 participants.

The 3-day event included on-stage lectures, poster sessions, and many opportunities to network and socialize.

The lectures, all on the wet wipes industry, included detailed sessions on regulatory affairs, with a strong focus on the environmental aspects.  Taking a deeper dive into the EU Single-Use Plastic Directive (EU SUPD), we learned in Germany for example, wipes are responsible for ONLY 0.4% of the volume of littered single-use items annually. Regardless, the industry is already moving to natural fibers, meeting the EU SUPD demands. The environmental and ECO-Friendly aspects of wipes were discussed across several lectures, and not on in regards to regulatory: from the types of fabrics and new technologies of more natural and sustainable non-woven, to green preservation for such natural fibers.

Several lectures covered market changes and trends, both in baby wipes and personal care wipes as well as home care and disinfecting. Svetlana Uduslivaia, Head of Research at Euromonitor International showed data on the growth of both segments in 2020 and the expectation for the next 3 years, which are positive, especially in developing countries.

Interesting to note the event offered a fun “traffic light” system for gatherings during Covid times, with a set of color-coded wristbands. Nice way of managing social interactions, helping us skip the awkward part of holding out your hand first, and then asking “handshake?”

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