Active Beauty Success Story

Living an active way of life is becoming a major priority for many people, whether going to the gym or running around the block, it is obvious people are prioritizing their wellness and are focusing on healthy foods and healthy cosmetic products.

We took the opportunity to talk with Mr. Moshe Menashe from Chic-Hlavin Group.

“Consumers, especially those focusing on wellness and active living, are looking for effective products that will protect their skin and will contain safe ingredients. Our product lines include aluminum-free deodorants, body washes, skin creams and foot care. Our main ingredients are natural herbs, plant extracts and essential oils that neutralize perspiration odor”

“When it was time to choose a new preservative solution for our product line, we decided to use Sharomix™ AM24, says Mr. Menashe.

Tell us about Chic-Hlavin Group?

Chic was established in 1987. we acquired the activity of Hlavin Industries in 2016, becoming one of the strongest companies in Israel’s cosmetics market. We offer a wide range of cosmetic products for private labels, as well as our successful brands that are sold in more than 50 countries to pharmacies and pharmacies chains.

Why focus on active lifestyle cosmetic products?

We are in constant connection with the market, we saw an opportunity in active beauty, designing new products for both man and women. In the deodorant category we offer long-lasting effect up to 72H. All our products are Aluminum-free, alcohol-free and paraben-free. We offer innovative products such as deodorant wipes and intimate wipes made with gentle ingredients.

Why did you choose Sharomix™ AM24 preservative system?

We searched for a preservative system that will be easy to use. Sharomix™ AM24 is suitable for all our markets abroad and non pH dependent. As it comes in a liquid form, and it dissolves easily in the formula. Stability, colorless and odorless were also important for us, and we can get those benefits with AM24. During the formulation process we saw viscosity is not dropping. The fact that it is free of parabens and phenoxyethanol is aligned with our product marketing claims

What would you say to other businesses searching to replace their existing preservative system?

Working closely with a preservative supplier is key. Consultation with technical experts eliminates many obstacles which can slow down a project.



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