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What the “Cosmetics of happiness” is based on? It has always been said that …

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Here we are therefore talking about skin applications of essential oils in blends …

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AR | THE is a new concept of cosmetology understood as real science, …

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Clean and green preservative solutions

Beauty consumers today are becoming more aware of the ingredients used in their …

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Sun protection conference London 2021

The Sun Protection Conference 2021 that was held on November 25th and 26th …

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Here Comes the Sun….the Sunscreen Symposium and beyond!

The biannual Sunscreen Symposium, sponsored by the Florida Chapter of the Society of …

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Scientific leaders in personal care preservation

Meet Sharon Laboratories’ experts at our Booth 433, NYSCC Suppliers’ day, Javits Center, New …

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Sustainable beauty is at our core

Vietnam’s middle-class population is one of the fastest-growing middle-class populations in Southeast Asia. …

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All we can say is WOW!

Highlights from World of Wipes, Atlanta, July 2021 The event was one of …

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Newsletter April 2021

At Sharon Laboratories we respect our environment, we believe in leadership by example …

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Promise of a better world

Meet the Brand: Promise Cosmetics Promise-Cosmetics creates clean and fun beauty products with …

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Making an impact – Collaborate and contribute.

How many times have you heard the problem mentioned by young graduates looking …

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Navigating environmental claims in personal care ingredients

Ethical attributes are on the rise and are in close link to the …

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Pluralibacter gergoviae 01

Pluralibacter Gergoviae Microbial Threat to Cosmetics Safety

Pluralibacter gergoviae will enter the safety assessment of cosmetics products in Germany. In …

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New Findings in Sunscreen Preservation

  Sharon Laboratories Innovation Group is pleased to share our latest research paper. …

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Watch Sharon Laboratories Technical seminar 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the cosmetics market and consumer purchasing behavior, new …

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La preservación de fórmulas post 2020

Las empresas, marcas, fabricantes y proveedores de materias primas se están enfrentando con …

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COVID-19 – sensibilidad y vulnerabilidad.

Así como el COVID-19 ha cambiado las tendencias en la industria de cosméticos …

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in-cosmetics virtual 6-8 Octubre 2020

Hasta que nos volvamos a encontrar, reunámonos en línea en in-cosmetics Virtual, ¡un …

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Preservation solutions for facial care and sensitive skin applications

E-meet with our technical experts during the in-cosmetics virtual expo, 6-8 Oct 2020 …

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in-cosmetics virtual 6-8 Oct 2020

Until we meet again let’s meet online at in-cosmetics Virtual –  a new …

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Suppliers’ Day “At Home Live” Week of Beauty

We are ecxited to present our innovative solutions at the most leading event …

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SharoSENSE™ plus 181 N 1

SharoSENSE™ Plus 181 Natural

SharoSENSE™ Plus 181- N is the newest addition to the SharoSENSE™ Plus preservative …

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SharoSENSE™ plus 184

SharoSENSE™ Plus 184

Preserving While Protecting Mother Nature At Sharon Laboratories when we develop a preservative …

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SharoSENSE™ plus 181

SharoSENSE™ Plus 181 – Innovative Green preservative system for clean label

Growing consumer awareness for health, environment, and knowledge- based decisions are driving the …

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wet wipes

Sharomix™ Amplify AM24 and AM720

Sharomix™ Amplify AM720 and Sharomix™ Amplify AM24 offer optimal solution for Baby and …

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AM 24250 on 340

The ultimate Phenoxy free preservative solution

Sharomix™ AM 24 presents significantly higher efficacy, which results in reduced level of …

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Recent regulatory changes concerning preservatives

European Annex V updates: Parabens The group of chemicals known as parabens make …

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Regulatory changes concerning PHMB

Polyaminopropyl Biguanide (PHMB) – Brief history Polyhexamethylene biguanide hydrochloride (PHMB), with the INCI …

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The Ideal Polarity Index

Each molecule has a polarity value that can be scaled in many ways. …

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Free of No more

Is this the end of “free-from” claims?

An additional annex – Annex III, ‘Free from’ claims, was recently added to …

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¡MENOS conservador brinda MAYOR protección!

Sharomix™ Amplify El desafío principal de los conservadores suaves y “libres de” es …

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From Natural preservation to Free of solution small pic

From Natural Preservation To Free-Of Solutions

Sharon Laboratories is offering a wide range of innovative and patented preservative solutions …

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Hydrating Liquid Soap preserved with Sharomix™ AM24

Washing our hands with soap is one of the most important ways to …

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Preservation in facial masks – a game of balance

Facial Masks containing Mud & Clay are considered by consumers as safe although …

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formulation guid 2020 01

Sharon Laboratories 2020 Formulation Guide

Sharon Laboratories is a global supplier to the personal care industry, and a …

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Active Sports

Active Beauty Success Story

Living an active way of life is becoming a major priority for many …

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An optimal solution for Baby and Cosmetic wet wipes

Sharomix™  AM24, AM 28 & AM720  offer optimal solution for Baby and Cosmetic …

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wet wipes

Innovative preservation for baby skin care formulas

Considering the sensitiveness of baby skin, parents are on a lookout for products …

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anionic formulation

Linking anionic formulation with cationic compound: study in preservation for hair care applications

In the development process of new cosmetics product, the formulator chooses different kind …

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Preservation in sunscreens – Microbiology point of view

Difficulty in preservation of sunscreens Difficulty in preservation of sunscreens is a known …

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Major changes are shaking the US sunscreen industry

Sunscreen products are regulated in the US under the FDA as nonprescription, over-the-counter …

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Formulation Guide 2019 1

Sharon Laboratories formulation Guide 2019

Formulation Guide for cosmetics chemists and formulators The personal care industry is seeking …

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Sunscreens – The ultimate preservative challenge

Sunscreen products are known as a challenge in terms of preservation. The unique …

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food ingredients in preservatives

Food ingredients in Cosmetics Formulations

In the last few years it is quite evident that the world is …

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newsletter april 2020

Newsletter April 2020

FACE FORWARD – preservation for sensitive skin Skin irritation due to ingredients in …

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Preservation In Sensitive Skin

The market for sensitive skin products is on the rise, as well as …

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Preserving the Impossible: challenging natural-based formulations

Facial masks applications are considered a preservative challenge....

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Protecting cosmetic formulations with Citrus Power

Consumers are learning to ask questions and to read labels. They are actively …

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SharoSENSE™ 1

A sense of natural protection: Preservatives from nature, created in the lab

An innovative system by Sharon Laboratories, a leading provider of unique preservative solutions.

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Sensitive Skin on the rise

Sensitive skin is a syndrome defined by the occurrence of unpleasant sensations in …

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Skin Irritation tests – tendencies and methods

Consumers today are becoming more aware of ingredients used in cosmetic products

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J Beauty 250 on 340

J-Beauty meets natural preservation

Facial masks containing mud & clay are considered by consumers as safe although …

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Newsletter July 2019

Sunscreens – The ultimate preservative challenge Sunscreen products are known as a challenge …

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Newsletter March 2019

Challenging-to-preserve cosmetic formulations The world is moving towards a greener way of living …

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Newsletter July 2018

From Nature to Science: In the past year we focused on innovative preservative …

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