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Sharon Labs

We Think differently

In a world of cosmetic products containing water and challenging compounds, we choose to think differently! We consider the cosmetic chemist needs, worldwide trends, complex ingredients from natural resources and industry regulations. Bringing cutting edge solutions to a world that is moving towards a greener way of living without compromising on the safety and the quality of your cosmetic products.


Sharon Labs

Deep Scientific Knowledge

Our R&D team of specialists are always thinking ahead, searching for the most effective solutions, surprising the cosmetics industry with exciting product lines that are changing the traditional way of preserving cosmetic products, based on our deep scientific knowledge and our ability to foresee future trends and industry needs.

Sharon Labs

No more "Rinse off" and "Leave On"

We wish to change your way of thinking about cosmetic preservation. No more Rinse off and Leave On – We take a deep dive into each cosmetic category with a clear scientific understanding that there is no one solution for all products categories.
From sunscreen to wet-wipes: We understand the mechanism of each category and provide safe and proven scientific solutions.

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