Synergy in Preservation Exploring Natural-like Elements for Antimicrobial Efficacy

Sharon Laboratories CTO & Head of Innovation. Spoken Language: English

Dr. Paul Salama

Friday 12/10/2019  11:00-11:30 

SEPAWA Congress

Room 2

The Estrel Congress & Exebition Center Berlin.


The current trend in cosmetic preservation is leaving the formulator with Less and Less options, only facing a fast

shrinking pool of compounds of interest. There is an ongoing search for acceptable, and even desired, preservation. The

personal care industry continues to seek natural, mild yet effective and affordable preservative systems. As the

development and registration of totally new synthetic preservatives are generally considered as unattractive and

cumbersome in terms of cost, time and consumer perception, one avenue offered to R&D activities is to boldly optimize

the use of already authorized compounds. In that vein, the identification and exploitation of synergistic effects between

hand-picked compounds constitute a fruitful approach. Through the presentation of several case studies, the multi-

advantages of synergistic systems will be exemplified. One area of focus will be natural-like solutions. There is a

constant search for green preservation systems, but the existing options do not necessarily meet the formulator's needs

in terms of efficacy, compatibility, safety, regulatory and even cost. This presentation will discuss the new uses for

materials which can be found in nature, and how they can be put to use as antimicrobials. We will also address the role

of cationic surfactants as enhancement for such solutions, and thus bringing the best features of a natural ingredient,

with the safety, quality and consistency of the lab.

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