Sustainability at Sharon Laboratories

By taking the lead and pre-empting environmental demands set by governments or regulatory agencies and surpassing compliance, our customers can rest assured that the products and services they receive from Sharon Laboratories are environmentally accountable. By practicing upstream environmental responsibility, we provide our customers the opportunity to fulfil their own commitment to the environment.

As our own initiative, in 2004 Sharon Laboratories prepared our first environmental report using Global Reporting Initiative guidelines. This report outlines the measures taken over a 4-year period to improve the environmental impact we make, in addition to setting goals on further improvement. We are very proud to say that we have met and in some case surpassed, each of the goals set forth in this document. All sustainability parameters are monitored and reported, both internally and to the regulatory authorities.

we are committed to further improvement and reduced ecological footprint.

To accomplish this task, Sharon Laboratories takes the following measures:


  • Compliance with environmental requirements by the Israeli law and regulations based on most advanced international standards. The company will also adapt self-initiative activities in compliance with preserving the environment and the company's goals.

  • Continued cooperation with the regulators, including the Ministry of Environment.

  • Allocation of resources needed to advance environmental goals and work plans.Continuance of activity for detecting and preventing possible negative environmental impact, such as air emissions, wastewater and solid waste.

  • The company's goals will be reviewed updated and determined in periodic management review meetings dedicated to environmental issues.

  • Establish internal discussions in environmental issues in order to increase the employee's involvement, to update and receive feedback from them.

  • Registration and documentation the processes of environmental projects.

  • Publishing the environmental policy and the company's goals to managers and employees in periodic training and seminars

  • Appointment of representative from the company’s management in charge of environment policy coordinating.


To review Sharon Laboratories Environmental Policy (link)

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