SharoSENSE™ Plus 181 - Innovative Green preservative system for clean label

Growing consumer awareness for health, environment,  and knowledge- based decisions  are driving the demand for "clean label" . this trend expresses  consumer desire  for efficient , safe , yet mild products. 

SharoSENSE™ plus 181 offers innovative green  preservative solution,  demonstrating superior antimicrobial efficacy, mildness and safety.  


Composed of  only two ingredients, this hydro-soluble sophisticated system complies with clean label minimalist approach. 
SharoSENSE™ plus 181 was dermatologically tested and found to be mild and safe for babies and sensitive facial and eye areas: 



  • Natural-like,  premium  preservative solution 
  • Short INCI  list for Minimalism, simplicity 
  • Wide PH range
  • Suitable for leave on, rinse off and wet wipes  
  • Hydro-solubility 


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