Sharomix™ Amplify Line - The ultimate Phenoxyethanol-free preservative solution.


Sharomix™ Amplify line is an innovative preservatives system for high efficiency with mildness and safety  to skin.


Offering versatile, cost-effective  and phenoxyethanol-free solutions.


Composed of unique synergistic system, Sharomix™ Amplify line demonstrates superior antimicrobial efficacy, at  significantly lower level of use , so LESS Preservative delivers MORE protection.


Sharomix AM 720

Sharomix AM 24

  • Cost effective
  • Broad spectrum antimicrobial  activity 
  • Suitable for babies, wet wipes & sensitive areas 
  • Hydro- solubility, simple processing


  • “FREE-FROM” preservative system
  • Broad spectrum antimicrobial  activity 
  • Suitable for  babies, sensitive areas and wet wipes 
  • Ideal for micellar water – tested for sensitive eye area


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