Preservative Blends

Blends based on a natural citrus extract BIOSECUR® Organic Personal Care (C160S) with Phenoxyethanol or Benzyl Alcohol. The blends are globally approved, heat stable, suitable for wide pH range and offer broad spectrum protection, with recommended level of use of less than 1%. 

Phenoxyethanol is a popular preservative in leave-on and Rinse-off products, well known for its low sensitizing qualities. When combining Biosecur citrus extracts with Phenoxyethanol the blend yields broad spectrum protection to cosmetic formulations, with efficacy against bacteria, yeast and mold.

A combination of citrus extracts with Benzyl Alcohol can be a good solution for those formulators seeking Ecocert acceptable blends. While Benzyl alcohol is one of the five preservatives allowed by the Ecocert / Cosmos standards, the citrus extracts have organic certification. This makes SHARON BIOMIX ECO the right choice for a broad spectrum protection of products following this direction.

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