Preservation for Sensitive Skin


The market for sensitive skin products is on the rise, as well as the challenge that formulators have when preserving these products. 

Popular alternatives to classic preservatives are often too mild and at high concentration pose a problem to sensitive skin.


Companies, brands, manufacturers and raw material suppliers are now approaching the challenge of skin sensitivity by offering a new range of solutions. Formulators need to use ingredients that do not cause such reactions and take a new ingredient approach to formulation.


Preservatives are a fundamental part of a formula since they ensure the safety of the consumer. They inhibit the growth of bacteria, mold and fungi, even after the product has been opened and exposed to the elements and during use. Inappropriate preservation of a formula can pose serious health risks beyond sensitive skin.
The industry has struggled to bring efficient alternatives to cater the sensitive skin market. Cosmetic brands facing customer feedback for skin irritation, are challenging the preservative system to adapt to this need.

Sharon Laboratories, known for its innovative preservation solutions for more than 40 years, has developed two lines that answer the need for preservation for sensitive skin product applications.


Sharomix™ Amplify and nature inspired SharoSENSE™ Plus lines have been tested dermatologically for sensitive skin, face, lips and eye areas. They are free from “classic preservatives” and used at very low levels given their high efficacy.


For formulators, the Sharomix™ Amplify and SharoSENSE™ Plus lines bring ease-of-use. They provide:

  • low level of use
  • broad spectrum
  • compatibility in anionic, cationic and nonionic formulas
  • non-pH dependence
  • heat stability

With the growing demand to formulating for sensitive skin, these solutions offer full protection, without compromising on skin sensitivity.


Sharomix™ AM24 - Phenxyethanol-free, high efficacy solution for sensitive skin applications >> learn more


SharoSense™ Plus 181  - Inspired by nature preservation for sensitive skin and facial care  >> learn more



Written by Mr. Israel Weisser, Global Technical Expert



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