Our Business

We are dedicated exclusively to developing preservative solutions for the personal care industry. For this reason Sharon Laboratories can offer you the best solution to protect your formula.
Our business is built on the following principles:

Research & Development: R&D is what drives our vision, and is built in three principals: Creativity, Dependability and Flexibility. Innovation you can count on.

Technical know-how: Preservation requires in-depth knowledge. In Sharon Laboratories, it is provided the best technical experts in the preservation industry. Our team can assist in helping you replace an element in your formula, adjust your products to legislation requirements, help solve any issues you are dealing with, and create a unique preservative blend to match your needs.

Production and Quality: With two production and R&D centers in the world and state of the art warehouse, Sharon Laboratories production facilities meet global standards and qualified by many global leading companies.

Joining together our knowledge, abilities, technology and experience with ethical values, team work, and inspiration, we focus on driving the preservation industry to new standards.

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