Newsletter July 2019


Sunscreens – The ultimate preservative challenge
Sunscreen products are known as a challenge in terms of preservation. The unique composition and features which are inherent to sunscreen formulations such as high organic phase vs water ratio, as well as the presence of specific UV filters, introduce much complexity to the preservation process. In this newsletter, we will review some major changes shaking the US sunscreen market, that will probably affect Europe and the rest of the world soon.
We will share Sharon Laboratories experts' points of view on sunscreen formulations and introduce an analysis describing the link between UV filleters and antimicrobial efficacy. 
This information is based on extensive studies performed by our Innovation group, leading to the development of SharoSUN™ - innovative preservative systems for sunscreen products.
We encourage you to contact our experts to learn more and to choose together the best preservative solution for your sunscreen formulation. 

Naama Eylon
VP Personal Care


Major changes are shaking the US sunscreen industry
Sunscreen products are regulated in the US under the FDA as nonprescription, over-the-counter (OTC) products. Surprisingly enough, regulations have not been updated since 1999, some of the ingredients approved by the FDA are considered "old-school" and have been questioned for their safety and their impact on the environment.
In February 2019, the FDA announced a new proposed rule, bringing major changes to US sunscreen manufacturers and global companies exporting sunscreens into the US.
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Sunscreen formulation – The formulator point of view
The quest for a broad-spectrum sun protection product with a stable and appealing formulation is not one to be taken lightly. Find out more about the formulator's journey for high SPF formula, and how does it link to antimicrobial protection. 
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Preservation in sunscreens: Microbiology point of view
Sunscreen are known to be tough to preserve, but why? Our innovation and microbiology group teamed up to research the link between UV filters and microbial risk. 
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