Preservation in facial masks – a game of balance

Facial Masks containing Mud & Clay are considered by consumers as safe although these natural materials are not plant derived but are rather coming from the ground and as such, they carry everything that is originating in the ground, including microorganisms.


Sharon Laboratories patent-pending preservative line Sharomix™ Amplify was developed to meet the industry need for a preservative solution for facial care applications, providing high efficacy broad spectrum protection and suitable for sensitive skin.


It has a proven activity at a low level of use and can eliminate the need for initial treatment of ingredients such as mud and cay, which are known to be a challenge for preservation.

This line provides options which are globally approved and free from parabens, formaldehyde-donors, Isothiazolinones and Phenoxyethanol. 


Sharomix Amplify

Purifying Calming Dead Sea Mask



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  • High efficacy with lower level of use
  • Broad Spectrum
  • Non pH dependent
  • Level of use ~0.5%


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  • Preserved with Sharomix™ Amplify AM 25





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