Challenging natural formulations


Facial masks applications are considered as a  preservative challenge, especially cleansing masks with natural ingredients such as mud and clay. Skin Irritation is also a growing concern among consumers, as masks are used on sensitive facial areas.


Naturally derived ingredients do not guarantee safety. In the world of preservation, it is often the opposite, especially when it comes to mud, clay and ingredients originating from the ground.


When formulating facial care products with such ingredients we must take all this into account and search for the right solution to answer all aspects: efficacy, formula compatibility, product claims, regulation and of course, safety. 


Based on research done by our experts on face masks applications, we show that working with Sharomix™ Amplify preservative systems, will provide broad spectrum protection. This patent-pending line offers high efficacy system, allowing a significantly reduced level of use, generating the benefits of higher compatibility in the both anionic and cationic formulations, reduced risk of irritation and regulatory compliance.


Stimulating exfoliating facial clay

Preserved with Sharomix AM 20

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